Served with greek salad and pita bread

Pastisio — 12

Layers of pasta and ground beef with seasonings, topped with béchamel sauce

Moussaka — 12

Layers of grilled eggplant, ground beef and potatoes, topped with béchamel sauce

Greek Style Pork Chops — 17

Grilled pork chops grilled with Greek seasoning served with vegetable of the day

Grilled Shrimp — 15

Charcoal grilled shrimp over spanakorizo rice

Salmon Steak — 15

Charcoal grilled Salmon over rice

Skewer — 12

Pork, Chicken or Bifteki skewers over rice

Gyro Platter — 12

Beef and lamb gyro over rice

Spanakopita — 12

Spinach and feta cheese pie with a side of rice

Seafood Special Good for Two — 24

A plate of fried smelts, fried calamari, french fries and grilled octopus

Greek Style Mussels — 16

New Zealand Mussels sauteed with garlic spices served with pasta and pita breadFruit of the Sea — 18

Mussels, shrimp, scallops, calamari, salmon sauteed with garlic spices served with pasta and pita bread

Greek Combo — 18

Pastisio, moussaka, spanakopita and gyro meat with rice